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Cranio-Sacral Therapy treats people rather than conditions. It is primarily concerned with creating and maintaining a healthy, balanced state on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. This underlying state of wellbeing enables the body's own healing mechanisms to operate at optimum level, and therefore enables the body to eliminate disease and restore health.

Craniosacral Therapy is a hands on therapy developed originally in the 1930's by William Sutherland, an  American osteopath, he was credited as first researching Cranial Osteopathy and Primary Respiratory Impulse (PRI) , and discovered that the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal chord flowed in a rhythmic cycle.

In the last century, John E. Upledger coined the term Craniosacral Therapy and he theorized that adult cranial bones do, in fact, move slightly at the sutures. More recent evidence supports such theory of cranial bone mobility. 

The craniosacral system has a rhythmic motion, normally between 6 to 12 cycles per minute, which helps propel cerebral spinal fluid throughout the central nervous system between the center of the brain, around the brain, down the spine to the sacrum. The 20 plus bones that comprise the skull and face fit together in such a way as to allow minute movement throughout life. This movement and relationship between the bones of the skull are essential to maintaining the normal pumping action of cerebral spinal fluid. A normally functioning cranial-sacral system is essential to a healthy central nervous system. Because the nervous system affects all other body systems, manipulation of the cranial-sacral system can influence all parts of the body.

This rhythm creates a pulse that can be felt throughout the body, we as Craniosacral therapists are educated to tune into the rhythm and discover what is happening inside the body, it is as if the body speaks to us. It is very important that the cerebrospinal fluid flows unhindered because poor flow can cause other ailments throughout the body.

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle therapy but has huge profound effects after just 1 session, it is a therapy that works intuitively with the patient, the process can release the deeply held patterns of disease - both physical and psychological - which accumulate throughout life as a result of injury, illness and emotionally traumatic events. They become held into the body tissues thus leading to ill-health and dysfunction.

The session is done fully clothed and  the patient may stay conscious, may drop off to sleep or somewhere in between, each session can vary.

It is a profound healing
It can be of benefit to most people and can help in most conditions - from minor aches and pains to severe and persistent chronic health problems.

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What is Cranio-sacral Therapy
Becalm Balls, also known as, Stillpointer Balls, can assist in producing a feeling of immediate relaxation that deepens and grows into a state of absolute calm. In this state, the body is free to repair and renew itself. Becalm Balls are designed to interrupt our stress cycle by triggering the body's natural ability to bring it to a standstill. When placed behind your head for just a few minutes, Becalm Balls can break the stress cycle, preventing or decreasing damage brought on by chronic stress, and improving our natural vitality. Please note: The Becalm Balls should not be used by anyone who: - has had a stroke in the previous six months; - suffers from conditions in which fluid pressure changes within the skull could be detrimental, such as: a recent brain injury with internal bleeding; a cerebral aneurysm; a large brain tumor; or cancers involving aggressive metastasis; or - is pregnant and has had a history of miscarriages, or if the pregnancy is pharmaceutically sustained.