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Somatic Emotional Release
Somatic Emotional release is working with past emotions that have manifested in the physical body, for every emotionally traumatic event we experience it can reside in the physical, even just a contraction in a muscle can be left after an emotional event as a reminder of that event.  Using somatic emotional release I can use dialogue to help the client release unwanted stored emotions. Often we are not aware of the emotional event that has left the residue. 

This is very powerful work and unlike anything else you would have experienced. It is very right brain stuff and therefore hard to explain, you may wish to read some of the testimonials.

Somatic emotional release is beneficial to patients who are experiencing problems associated with injuries, physical trauma, car accidents, challenging life experiences, and surgery. The release process can be modified to suit the needs of each individual, thereby bringing optimal relief. It can be used  to help relieve physical conditions that are intensified by stress tension, and anxiety. Somatic emotional release is a  therapy that uses the power of the body-mind connection to facilitate change and the healing process, allowing the body to fully recover from traumatic experiences.