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Craniosacral Therapy for Babies & Children

Craniosacral therapy is the perfect treatment for any newborn baby, the reason  is because it is such a small amount of time since they were perfectly formed in the womb. Babies respond very quickly and therefore prevents potential future dysfunction in the body. Craniosacral therapy rapidly resolves problems babies have; these include;
colic, sucking difficulties, sleep problems, Reflux, developmental delays,  and behavioural issues.

These problems are often due to compression of the cranium at birth. If a baby cries continually for no apparent reason, they are trying to communicate with you about discomfort that they have, we as Craniosacral therapists can communicate non-verbally with the baby's body to diagnose and treat the baby's discomfort.

Caesarean births are more likely to lead to dysfunction in the body. The birth process is more abrupt and potentially more frightening than a vaginal birth. Cesarean-born babies have lower Apgar scores, more respiratory distress, more abnormal neurological exams, and more abnormal Craniosacral evaluations. They have more chronic middle ear infections and other problems throughout childhood.

Craniosacral therapy is beneficial to all babies including those from problem-free births even when there are no apparent symptoms.

The treatment takes place on a soft table or in the lap of the parents, the baby remains fully clothed and may like adults be wakeful or asleep, the baby will often express themselves during a treatment.


CST is effective for a wide range of conditions in children and adolescents as well. Sometimes parents bring their child for a ‘tune-up’ to help them feel better overall and to focus on any minor issues. Childhood and adolescent conditions which have responded well to craniosacral therapy include:
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD), Learning difficulties,  autism and autism spectrum, teeth and jaw mis-alignment, ENT problems, Speech development, adolescent withdrawal, fears and phobias, bed-wetting, Chronic pain, asthma and other allergies.

Depression, migraine, sinusitis, spinal and pelvic pain and some psychological conditions are among the issues that can sometimes be traced back to what happened at birth. As well as helping current symptoms, treatment of young children can be helpful in preventing issues arising later in life.

The treatment  usually takes place on a massage table or bed, the child remain fully clothed and may be wakeful or rested.