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I was born in England, however my parents worked abroad so I grew up in the middle east. When I was 15 years old my father lost his job and we returned to the UK. This was a big shock to the system as my childhood had been spent in a very warm country. In 1996 I went on a world tour where I met my partner in Perth Australia, We then moved to the Canary Islands where I have worked as a hands on therapist for Craniosacral Therapy.

I am now back in Perth Australia and I live in Secret Harbour - Living the dream! 
I have a family of my own, with my children being born in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. I have three children, 2 boys and a girl aged 11, 7 and 3.

In 2001 I was introduced to the healing world, I love to work with energies although I found that although energy healing was very energising it often didn't address the problems that the body exhibits. In 2005 I began my studies in Anatomy and Physiology with Stonebridge College and I received my diploma in 2007. I then embarked on my training in Craniosacral Therapy.

I have been working at Santa Rosa in Costa Teguise for over a year, I have enjoyed every moment, Thank you all! I will miss you all, pleasestay in touch and I leave you in the very capable hands of Sally.

I love this work and I love the results, it is very satisfying to help people. It has always been in my nature and it is my path in Life.

When I work, I have no intentions, I communicate with the body of my client through learnt techniques and help the body to rectify itself. We are like springs, if we are over-stretched we need help to return to the functioning springs that we are.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them, please contact me.

With Rebecca Munjee
About Me
Becalm Balls, also known as, Stillpointer Balls, can assist in producing a feeling of immediate relaxation that deepens and grows into a state of absolute calm. In this state, the body is free to repair and renew itself. Becalm Balls are designed to interrupt our stress cycle by triggering the body's natural ability to bring it to a standstill. When placed behind your head for just a few minutes, Becalm Balls can break the stress cycle, preventing or decreasing damage brought on by chronic stress, and improving our natural vitality. Please note: The Becalm Balls should not be used by anyone who: - has had a stroke in the previous six months; - suffers from conditions in which fluid pressure changes within the skull could be detrimental, such as: a recent brain injury with internal bleeding; a cerebral aneurysm; a large brain tumor; or cancers involving aggressive metastasis; or - is pregnant and has had a history of miscarriages, or if the pregnancy is pharmaceutically sustained.